Last updated: September 01, 2020
We can, Change the World by Standard Humanism!
to the bright and brilliant world of third millennium
This is the initiation of new changes in human life at the 3rd millennium!

Standard Humanism tends to construct its first official headquarters (A complex of: office, study center, hotel & pantheon) in India, United States of America or any other democratic countries; hence in this concern we appreciate and accept any cooperation from UN or any other international organizations, universities and private sectors.

To start, we hope receive your suggestions in regard to any financial or official aids and co-operation.

By the philosophy in the headquarters: Standard Humanism believes in God, Truth and Law as the Leader of the concept and the rest are all equal human beings - poor or rich - by any races, nationalities, religion & beliefs and cultures; this is the unity, respect and equality of mankind.

NGOs - In reality and action (Before establishing the Worldwide Standard Human Society)

To all those who are concerned!
Please adopt and realize Standard Humanism!
And save the world of 7 billion mankind and life on Earth!!!
Thru the three steps of:
1/ Voting for Standard Humanism
2/ Establishing NGOs of Standard Humanism
3/ Establishing Worldwide Standard Human Society (The Universal Society of Standard Human) in the place of UN!!!

You are able to make huge positive changes in human life!!!
(If just one of you realizes and supports Standard Humanism the bright changes of human life would start!)
World of pure and peace-loving human beings is under influence of ignorance and oppression (influence of Satanic 10 percent) thus human beings with any belief, idea, culture and nationality (by keeping all their cultures and beliefs at their best and purest forms) should be united under a powerful ideology and management for the sake of all to finish the thousands year failures and mismanagement of the world to gift peace, justice, solidarity & new life to mankind.

The Core Concern of Standard Humanism
Standard Humanism is of this belief that:
1/ Mankind have always lived in a primitive situation and world! No ideology or system could save his/her life in reality, so all the failures remained unsolved up to now!

2/ to save human life Standard Humanism equips mankind with its five principles in order to start a New life incompatible in progress and nature! The difference would be like a primitive to an advanced world.
(Standard Humanism advocates a "Two Layers Identity" for every human being, First: by equipping all with five principles of it in order to eliminate the rules of ignorance, oppression etc. from their life and, Second: by insisting anyone to live according to his/her belief and culture - at its best form - in a safe world by the support and the administration of Worldwide Standard Human Society).

3/ Worldwide Standard Human Society by believe in "the five top human life facts" will bring and administer the best perfect life - imaginable to mankind - in third millennium.

The main objective and purpose of Standard Humanism is changing and turning the primitive form and nature of human life (the cyclical form of survival by the rule of oppressors and ignorance on this earth) to the standardization form and nature; (stepping out of the primitive cyclical life and growing step by step to the higher levels and standards of human living…).

Who are the Standard Humanists?!
Man (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Secular, Communist… or having any accredited human belief or idea) + the attribute of respecting the beliefs of others + true or conventional and symbolic faith in God (Universal truth...) as the only common and known point among mankind that inspires honesty and unites humans in the opposition of negative forces of human life + the common human principles of religions and accredited human beliefs and ideas (which will be compiled in the Worldwide Standard Human Society made up of representatives of all respective countries) + vote for constructing the Worldwide Standard Human Society + to be clean and pure = Standard Human; (According to Standard Humanism).

1/ (There is a source of truth to unite and cover mankind under righteousness…)
2/ (Everyone has the right to choose his/her way of living…)
3/ (All should be mentioned and respected in the universal culture of mankind…)
4/ (We need a perfect international organization to protect us…)
5/ (We are the clean, pure and wise creature on this earth…)

If we are Standard Human (no matter what belief, nationality or race we have) peace and justice would prevail....

A Standard Humanist is the third millennium human being….

Worldwide Standard Human Society will manage all the politics, economies, sciences, cultures, and religions & beliefs of the world (as the five top human life facts) at their best and purest forms without the feeling of interfering to the internal affairs of any country and without the influence of ignorance and oppression, with a very comprehensive and amazing new global system in the place of United Nations (UN).

Attention please: This Standard is not the standard of a specific group or belief or politics but the Standard of all beliefs & religions, politics, cultures, economies etc. to shine All for the sake of ALL as we need the best world because we are the best human beings Seven billion human beings by respecting and shining ALL our beautiful having separately and precisely; This is the Standard Humanism & Worldwide Standard Human Society's Administration dedicating new and brilliant world of third millennium to mankind by respecting, promoting and purifying all the cultures, beliefs, economies etc. to their highest standards of their life thru the control and advanced administration of Worldwide Standard Human Society instead of UN.

Standard Humanism's System of Administration is a kind of Advanced Democracy in Third Millennium.
Let's make a more complete compassionate world in the third millennium by helping and respecting one another and by the humanistic and powerful management of Worldwide Standard Human Society.
To human unity and elimination of the ignorance and oppression
of "the Satanic 10%" in human societies!

Standard Humanism is a kind of belief system! Which:
1 – Spreads to public life thru believe in its 5 principles….
2 – Thru the NGOs of Standard Humanism works officially.
3 – By establishing "Worldwide Standard Human Society" - in the place of UN - changes and purifies human life of mankind!

Vote for Standard Humanism, any vote will make the world nearer to what we really deserve.